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3 Pruning Tools That You Absolutely Must Own

You don't have to spend a fortune on gardening tools to have a vibrant, lush, and flourishing garden. The truth is, depending on the type of plants you're growing, you probably only need a few staples you can count on to do the job. 

Pruning is an essential task to maintain a healthy appearance and, ultimately, the growth of your plants. Investing in high-quality gardening hand tools  for your garden is going to save you time and money instead of buying low-grade pruners that are often times insanely cheap and would last you days, or probably weeks, if you're lucky.

But don't worry, it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg to get excellent quality garden shears that do the job. The key is to get the staples and find the right balance between cost and quality.

So, what are these so-called staples? This comprehensive guide covers the top three most important garden tools you should keep in your garage. We'll also show you what to look for when choosing the best ones available on the market.

The Pruners

Pruners are must-have garden shears for every avid and professional gardener. They are garden scissors that are versatile and can work on a lot of plants. They can be used as bud trimmers or as trimming scissors for cannabis, roses, hydrangeas, evergreens, hibiscus, lavenders, and many more. They cut through tough stems and branches but are designed to be lightweight, and make precise cuts while still allowing you to exert extra strength at every snip without hurting your hands.

You should educate yourself on the three main types of pruning shears and the tool's purpose before deciding which ones to purchase.

Types of Pruners

Anvil pruning shears are gardening shears that are used to remove deadwood. It has a straight-cutting blade that slices like a knife, making it unsuitable for greenwood because it has the potential to crush a live material.

Ratchet pruning shears are garden clippers ideal if you have limited hand strength. With blades similar to an anvil but with a ratcheting mechanism, It's a pruner that cuts in stages to make cutting through larger branches easier.

Bypass pruning shears are garden scissors with curved blades bypassing one another and cut like a pair of scissors but sturdier! This type may be the best pruning shear for gardening due to its versatility. They are the best for greenwood and ideal for both beginner and experienced gardeners.

Insider Tips in Choosing the Bypass Pruning Shears

  1. Examine the blade. Look for one that is razor sharp, made of high-quality steel and easy to sharpen.
  2. See if the blade has some type of coating. Ideally, you'll want one that is titanium coated for reduced friction and protection against rust and corrosion.
  3. Look for one that was ergonomically designed. Pruning should be done safely and without experiencing excessive hand fatigue or danger of injury.
  4. It must have a cutting capacity from 0.1 inches to .08 inches at the very least for a smaller pruner model.
  5. Sap debris from branches that you trim could be sticky and could transfer to healthy branches so a pruner with a non-stick sap groove feature is perfect for keeping blades from sticking.
  6. The FitAdjust thumb lock feature is not available on all models. It allows you to open the handles partially or fully, adjusting the blade tension for a precise cut depending on the thickness of the material you are cutting.

    The Hedge Shears

     If you've ever wondered how these rectangular-shaped hedges and beautifully-thinned shrubs are created, hedge shears are responsible for that. This gardening hand tool has long, straight blades that look like giant scissors and are ideal for cutting softer stems.

    Not only are hedges and bushes suitable for using hedge clippers. They are also efficient tree trimmers because they remove branches and stems with a diameter of 1/4 inches or less. As a result, they can be used for a variety of tasks, including trimming bushes, deadheading, trimming lawn edges, pruning branches after they have flowered, and cutting thin trimmings.

    Insider Tips in Choosing Hedge Shears

    1. High-quality blades with low friction coating that are easy to sharpen or replace
    2. Long aluminum or fiberglass handles with non-slip grip, shock-absorbing cushioned grip feature
    3. Lightweight to avoid excessive hand fatigue
    4. Extra features that include new technology improving the standard cutting mechanism and cutting capacity

    The Loppers

    Now not all plants are created equal. Some are high up with thicker branches. These tree trimmers can cut tougher branches while also giving you extended reach.

    Because they have long handles, you can use this tree pruner to trim hard-to-reach areas such as twigs, smaller branches, out-of-reach parts of a tree, or even overgrown shrubs and bushes.

    Insider Tips in Choosing the Best Loppers

    1. Find a branch cutter with a heavy-duty high carbon steel blade for precise and cuts. 
    2. Blades with a non-stick Teflon coating provide reduced friction, protecting it against rust.
    3. Get one with advanced cutting mechanism technology, which cuts sharper while reducing force by up to 3x when compared to standard loppers.
    4. Loppers are typically 36 inches long, but longer means heavier. Try one that is at least 29 inches long to get more reach but with less effort and more comfort.
    5. Comfortable non-slip grip feature. This means easier cutting, less blistering, and no excessive hand fatigue.
    6. Caring for your lopper should also be easy. Extra features such as integrated holes for conveniently hanging up for safe and easy storage is always a plus.

        So, if you're a beginner or even an experienced gardener who is overwhelmed by the number of fancy gardening tools that others tell you about or that you see online, always start with the basics. They do the job and will undoubtedly last you a long time.

        Try out our pruning shears  and loppers right now. The Haus & Garten gardening hand tools provide dependability, comfort, and efficiency for all your daily trimming needs.



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