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How To Sharpen Your Pruning Shears

Keeping your pruners in tip-top shape involves not only regularly cleaning its parts but also sharpening the blades, where the action takes place. Not only does it make it possible for you to have your shears for another season, maintaining the sharpness of the blades will allow you to make cleaner cuts, minimizing damage to your plants.

To help you prepare with sharpening your clippers, we've compiled the necessary things that you'll need:

The main tool you will need for this task is a sharpener, such as a blade sharpener, a metal file or a sharpening stone. Most gardeners prefer using a blade sharpener since it's easy to maneuver and use.

Steel wool is optional, but if you notice any rust appearing on your shears, you will have to buff it off before proceeding. 

To prevent blades and the steel parts of your pruner from rust, you may choose to use a multi-purpose oil or WD-40.

What to do before sharpening the blades?

Before you sharpen your garden shears, thoroughly clean the blades and the individual parts. This should be done to remove any sap or dirt that has built up over time and to avoid any debris from getting in the way while you’re sharpening the blade.

Knowing how to clean pruning shears involves disassembling each part, removing the dirt by washing them with warm water and soap. If necessary, use a cleaning brush to scrub any dried sap or dirt that won’t come off easily when washed with soap and water. If your pruners have rusted, use a steel wool or wire brush to buff any remaining sticky sap or thick rust spots.

Once you’ve removed the dirt, debris, and rust off the metal parts, rinse your pruners and dry them with a clean cloth. Reassemble your pruners and make sure that every part is clean and dry before you proceed with sharpening.

Haus & Garten garden shears use high-quality blades with a sap-groove and titanium-coating, which not only prevents the blades from rusting but also allows the blades to stay cleaner for longer, ultimately preventing plant-to-plant transmission of diseases. This treatment keeps the pruners longevity and saves its user from spending too much time cleaning it - making these pruners worth the purchase.

Sharpening the Blades of Your Pruner

Once your pruning shears are clean and free from rust, use your preferred sharpening tool to sharpen the blade.

Hold the pruners in an open position so you can access as much of the blade as possible. Place the sharpener against the same angle of the existing beveled edge, applying medium pressure to the blade. In one smooth motion, drag the sharpener against the angle of the blade, starting from the base to the tip. Repeat the same action about 10-20 times, making sure to only sharpen in one direction.

Most pruners are only sharp on one side of the blade, leaving the other side flat. In such cases, you will only need to sharpen the blade side.
For other pruners, you will have to take care of the back side to remove any burrs and ensure that no jagged or rough edges are left behind. Using your sharpening tool, turn your pruners over and drag your sharpener down the backside of the angle. Repeat this a few times and use your finger to check if you’re satisfied with the smoothness of the edge.

Over time, you might notice nicks and cracks on the blades of your pruning shears. This may be caused by frequent or intensive use. For such cases, it is recommended to buy a replacement part, especially when the remaining pruner parts are still functioning well. Haus & Garten offer replacement parts for their garden scissors: a cost-effective solution for users who are looking for an alternative to buying a whole new pair.


What to do after sharpening the blades?

Once the blades are cleaned and sharpened, you will need to lubricate the blade and the other moving parts of your pruners to prevent rust and grime build-up and to make cutting easier. Lubricate your pruners with a few drops or spray of your preferred lubricating oil such as the WD-40, 3-in-1 oil or mineral oil, gently wiping over the metal or steel parts, including the blades. Wipe off any excess oil with a dry rag.

Make sure to store your pruners in a clean, dry place.

Haus and Garten offer a range of premium-grade gardening hand tools with replacement parts available for purchase on their store. Their pruners in particular, are one of the rising stars on the market because of their sharp and high-quality blades, paired with convenient features that are beneficial to its users.


Our range of Titanium pruners have been developed to give professional and avid gardeners razor-sharp pruning tools for effective cutting. Over the years of research and manufacturing, Haus & Garten has refined the quality of their pruning tools to obtain a fine balance between the hardness and sharpness of their blades, and achieve the ideal wear resistance, durability and performance.

Greg Schultz, founder of Haus & Garten, has developed a range of professional pruning tools that he believes will replace your dull pruners.

The reason behind the company's choice of blade material was to provide premium-grade pruning shears that has razor-sharp blades and is made to a high quality standard. This includes our use of a proprietary Titanium-coating which was developed to add protection on our blades against rust and corrosion, and increase the wear resistance of the cutting edge to prolong the life of our blades.

Greg aims to bring high-quality pruning tools that professional gardeners use daily, made available to avid and home gardeners. While other companies are continuously adding new products to offer on the market, we keep refining ours to reach the best quality possible.

One of our satisfied customers, Dan, said this about our PrecisionPRO pruning shears: The shears are a pleasure to operate, the mechanism and handles feel solid and smooth. The cuts are crisp and sharp even for larger woody stalks, a surprising upgrade from my previous pruner.

As a professional gardener who has worked for many years, Greg wanted to create a range of pruning tools that would be some of the finest tools you’ll find on the market. At Haus & Garten, we make sure your pruning tasks are done with comfort and ease with the use of our high-quality pruning tools. Equipped with all of the features you're looking for, these pruning shears are surely the perfect match for all your pruning tasks.



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