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Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Pruning Shears

Every day, more and more people are getting involved in gardening. Though gardening can be fun, it also comes with a lot of responsibility – especially with taking care of your plants health and overall well-being. One way to make sure your greens will stay alive and healthy is to prune them.

Pruning is not just for professional gardeners and landscapers. All gardeners, even beginners, are encouraged to prune their plants to maintain its health. It is not an easy task – but you can make it easier and more effortless if you find the right tools to make it less tedious. 

To help you choose the right pruning shears that work best with your needs and demands, here are some of the most commonly used type of tools for pruning:

Bypass pruning shears are best used on live wood. They work just like scissors where the blades pass through each other. These pruners are known for giving clean cuts and being easy to use and convenient for gardeners.

Anvil pruning shears are commonly used on damaged and dead branches. The blades are located on one side, and an anvil on the other. Like how a knife cuts on a chopping board, it has a tendency to crush hard – that is why it is not advisable to use these pruners on live wood.

Anvil Ratchet pruning shears look like anvil pruners with one blade on one side and a flat one on the other. This tool helps people prune in steps which makes it easier to cut through thicker branches.

What to Look for In A Pruning Shear?

Quality of Blades and Overall Build

One of the most important components of a pruner is its blades. Different manufacturers use different types of blades for their pruners – stainless, forged, or high carbon steel. The durability, hardness, sharpness, and resistance vary on each one.

No matter the blade quality, it will most probably lose its effectiveness after using it for a long time. With high quality blades, a simple sharpening can bring it back to its peak performance. Low quality blades, on the other hand, can be deformed over time. When this happens, you will not be able to produce clean, sharp cuts and can even cause damage to your plants.

Titanium coated blades provide balance in terms of sharpness, durability and anti-corrosion. The titanium coating strengthens the blade, reduces friction while cutting and prevents it from corrosion. Thus, providing a longer lifespan of the pruning shears. 

Haus & Garten pruners use high-quality blades which are treated using a proprietary titanium coating system that not only prevents them from rust but also allows the gardener to use the pruners at its maximum capacity. This technology increases the resistance of the cutting edge which prolongs the blades lifespan - making it worth the purchase.

Cutting Capacity

Choosing the right tool depends on what kind of plants you are planning to prune.

When cutting branches, a pruner with at least 1 inch cutting capacity is suitable for most tasks. This tool is suitable for trimming branches on fruit trees, keeping perennial flowers neat, pruning long branches out of shrubs and other smaller branches.

Ergonomic Design

Pruning can be very tiring – especially when you're doing it for long periods of time. Whether you're performing this activity on a day-to-day basis or longer hours, having a pair of scissors that make you exert less effort is the goal. This helps you have a comfortable pruning experience. Using models that are ergonomically designed, lightweight, and grip-friendly can provide more comfort and support to your hands when pruning. Anti-slip cushioned handles with shock absorbing pads can help ensure a safe grip and prevent wrist strain and injuries from occurring.

Finding the best pruning shears is not an easy task – especially because the market offers a lot of promising products that has the same features and quality.


Here are features you should look for in premium brands like Haus & Garten:

Safety Lock Mechanism

This feature closes the jaws when the shears are not in use. It's purposely designed to ensure safety and prevent injuries and accidents from occurring. 

Sap Groove

The sap groove keeps the blades of your pruner from sticking to each other. This feature helps you save time by keeping your blades cleaner for a longer period. It can also prevent plant-to-plant transmission of diseases. 

Ergonomic Design

Ergonomically designed pruners can reduce hand fatigue, especially when pruning for longer hours. This can help you have an effortless and comfortable pruning experience.

Our pruners are ergonomically engineered to provide comfort to your hands when pruning. Its structure helps minimize wrist injuries by allowing your hand to stay in a neutral position. This can give you a comfortable pruning experience without compromising the grip and control you should have. Ergonomically designed pruners are recommended for people with hand mobile conditions and those who have had previous hand injuries and surgeries.

2-Step Preset Cutting Positions

This feature can give you an option to fully or just partially open your pruners. This gives you a choice on how wide your blades are expanding depending on what type of plants you prune.

If you're looking for pruners that can be flexible depending on who is using the tool, our pruners have a FitAdjust feature where it offers a 2-step preset cutting option. This feature provides an option to open the handles partially or fully depending on the users preference. When cutting smaller branches, the option to just partially open the handles can be used to help reduce hand fatigue.

Micrometric Adjustment System

If your pruners have a micrometric adjustment system, you can adjust the play and alignment of the blade to achieve a more precise cut. Giving your plants a clean cut doesn't only make them look better, it's also beneficial to their overall health. 

Wire-Cutting Notch

This can make you cut wires without a wire snip. With this feature, you can hit two birds with one stone by using your pruners to cut small to medium sized wires without worrying about damaging the blades. 

Availability of Replacement Parts

The availability of pruning shears replacement parts on the market is important because it can help you save time and money from having to buy a brand-new pruner every time a specific part needs to be replaced. 

Haus and Garten offer pruners that have all of these features. These high-quality pruners are gaining popularity on the market because of their all-in-one features that can help make pruning an easier, more enjoyable gardening experience.


Haus and Garten garden shears have been developed so that the optimal balance of the blade is achieved for durability, sharpness and performance.

Greg Schultz, founder of Haus & Garten has developed a range of professional gardening hand tools that he believes will replace your current garden shears.

The reason behind Haus & Garten was to provide premium quality tools that would meet the specific needs and demands of professional and avid gardeners for different pruning tasks. Most people shy away from pruning for many reasons but when they have the right tools, it becomes much more enjoyable and easier to get those tasks done that you would normally call a professional gardener for.

Haus & Garten brings premium grade pruning tools that professional gardeners use daily, which are now available to avid and hobby gardeners. Whereas other companies are continuously adding new products, we keep refining ours.

"These are the best set of shears that I have ever had. They fit my hands great, and easy to use. I have had over a dozen sets of shears in my life time (80 years), and this is the best locking I have had," George, a satisfied customer, said this about one of our pruning shears, EnduroPRO.

As a landscape gardener, Greg wanted to create a range of pruning tools that would be some of the finest tools you’ll find on the market. At Haus & Garten, we make sure your tasks are done with more comfort and support with the use of our high-quality pruning tools. Equipped with all of the features you're looking for, these garden shears are surely the perfect match for all your pruning needs.



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The Choice for the Toughest Gardening Challenges, These Pruners are Made for Hard Use, Whilst Still Delivering Smooth, Precise Cutting Action That's Easy on Your Hands.

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Ergonomically Designed For Optimum Comfort And Shaped To Neutralize Wrist Bending, Ideal For Regular And Day-To-Day Pruning.

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Compact Size Pruner Built For Smaller To Medium Hands! Easy To Use, Lightweight, Versatile Pruner Designed For Lighter Pruning Work, A Solid Compact Tool For Faster & More Efficient Pruning.

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Compound Action Bypass Loppers Designed To Provide 3X More Power Than Traditional Ones, Built With Long Handles For Added Leverage, Ideal For Tougher Branches.