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7 Things To Remember When Pruning

Pruning is a daunting task for anyone, especially for beginners. However, it is necessary to understand that this will do more good to your plants than bad. You just need to know the basics and the outcome will give you healthier and blooming buds.

Below are some important things to remember when pruning.


In gardening, the first step is always important. What do you need to know when choosing your pruners? There are two types you can use depending on the type of wood you’re going to trim down. You will need to use bypass pruners when you need to make clean cuts on live woods because it has single-edge blade perfectly designed for this task. Anvil pruners are perfect for pruning dead stems and branches because of its blade that closes against an anvil.

If you are a hobbyist or even a gardening professional, bypass pruners might appeal to you more because it works just like scissors, easy to use and cuts clean on green woods.

Do not forget that part of knowing what type of pruner to use is to ensuring that before using it, you sharpen, clean and disinfect your blade too.

Due to safety reasons, pruners are locked especially when not in use. This hand tool is supported by a thumb-lock mechanism that keeps them closed. To unlock your garden shears , simply squeeze the handles tightly together and turn the thumb-lock in a slight counter-clockwise direction then release the handle after. There are some cases that the lock might be too tight to turn. In this instance, you need to try loosening the screw lightly to freely move it as desired.


Pruning is an activity that requires a lot of “hand” work. Make sure that you hold your pruner properly. Grip the handles using the base of your hand and fingers. Since this is requiring repetitive hand movements, find a pair of garden shears that has easy-grip handles, fits the shape and size of your perfectly and most importantly, comfortable to hold.

Your hobby shouldn’t be straining your wrist and hands. The EnduroPRO pruning shears can be perfect for you. This garden tool can accommodate medium to large hands for both men and women. It has non-slip ergonomic handles and vertically-inclined angled cutting head reducing the chance of hurting your hands when pruning for long periods of time.


To prune a dead wood is just cutting through the stem or branch without risking any damage to the plant. However, live wood pruning needs more care, and it is a must to master the right angle in doing so.

It is recommended to make a cut at a 45-degree angle, the lowest point directed at the opposite side of the bud and the high part of the cut above the bud. Doing this will allow the water to drain off the cut, preventing molds or diseases from damaging the plant. Cutting the stem diagonally will also prevent the excess natural sap from pouring down directly to the bud and affecting it.


After mastering the right angle, make sure to create precise cuts on your plants. This requires a good quality of blade and a certain technique of snipping. Use your pruners “upside down” or hold it at the opposite side to prevent the anvil from touching the stub that will be left on the plant. This technique will not damage the plant so much, which is the ultimate goal when pruning.

The PrecisionPRO pruning shears is capable of cutting up to 0.8 inches of the branch or stem. Its inclined cutting blade makes reaching inner branches with more maneuverability & ease allowing for much faster pruning of dense planting. It is also ideal for lighter pruning of roses, vines, small bushes, ornamental plants & shaping shrubs. The handy micrometric adjustment system allows you to manually adjust the alignment & play of the cutting blade. This guarantees optimal & precise clean cuts of the cutting edge.



Cleaning your pruners in between cuts, especially when pruning different plants is a must. This is to avoid transferring diseases from one plant to another.

Apart from cleaning in between cuts, you also need to know how to clean your pruning shears after use to keep them well –maintained. Using warm water with mild soap to wipe your pruner is recommended. You can also remove the sticky substance like sap with an alcohol solution. To make sure that it is cleaned well, you can also disassemble them.

If you need help on how to clean your Haus & Garten Pruners , you may refer to your product user guide for a simple step-by-step instruction along with a video demonstration on how to clean and maintain your pruning shears to keep them in top condition.


Do not just store your pruners away after use. It is necessary to sharpen and oil them before keeping it. Sharpening the blade will keep the edges sharp and the oil will prevent oxidation and rust. You can use any sharpening tool that you prefer and any mineral oil or multipurpose lubricant like 3-in-1 or WD40. It is also important to remember to properly store your pruners.

Pruning is a task that both beginners and professional find challenging. But once you are equipped with the proper knowledge and good tools, the task will be less difficult. The secret is in the tools you are using. With Haus & Garten Titanium Pruning Shears you get the results you’re looking for and more. It does the job well with comfort and ease. It has ergonomically engineered, anti-slip red cushioned long handle with shock-absorbing pads that can help reduce repetitive hand motion injuries.

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