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5 Pruning Tips For Great-looking Gardens


1. Set a goal in pruning. This will give you direction and a clearer focus on what needs to be done. It also allows you to set your priorities and manage your time wisely.

2. Find the typical time to prune your plants. Pruning is usually done during dormant season to minimize the risk of infection and subsequent stress to the plant, allowing healthier growth as it blooms in spring or summer.

3. Use the proper tool for the job. Premium-quality tools not only make your garden work easier, they'll also reduce damage to your plants as well. Use hand pruners to cut smaller branches of up to 1 inch and loppers or a pruning saw for larger branches that are 2 inches or larger.

4. Performing the correct cut will not just lessen the risk of damaging your plant but will also help it heal more effectively. Make the cut just above a bud, at a 45 degree angle, directing water away from where the bud is pointing.

5. Clean your tools after each use. Keeping your tools clean before storing them will keep your plants safe from transmission of disease caused by dirty tools. This includes maintaining the cutting edge and wiping the metal surfaces with oil to prevent them from rusting.

Are you using the right pruners for the best results?

The reason behind Haus & Garten was to provide premium quality tools that would meet the specific needs and demands of professional and avid gardeners for different pruning tasks. 

Greg Schultz, founder of Haus & Garten, has developed a range of high-quality tools that not only professional gardeners can use, but are also available to beginner and home gardeners who hope to prune their plants with ease.

As a professional landscape gardener for 28 years, Greg understands what makes a premium pruning tool. Greg's mantra is: “Pruning can be as easy as 1-2-snip… All you really need is 1- the right knowledge, 2 - the right tool, and you can start snipping away to a great garden.”

Long before Greg founded Haus & Garten, he had a very successful business—as a professional landscape gardener.

For the past three decades, Greg's experience with working for many clients helped him understand the needs and demands that gardeners required of their tools especially when working on different pruning tasks. This has been his motivation for the development of Haus & Garten and the PRO series line of pruning tools in 2010.

Greg's goal to make a range of premium pruning tools that gardeners could rely on for quality and performance has been proven by many of his customers like Albert, who shared how he was able to prune his plants with sheer ease using our PrecisionPRO bypass pruning shears. She said,

"These pruning shears are easy to use. Comfortable in the hand, the grip is good and let’s me use my hand strength effectively. They slice cleanly through small woody stems. They are a good size, not too big to maneuver in the bushes, they don’t get caught up in the branches in even dense bushes. The bright orange grips are easy to find if I put them down."

Haus & Garten Pruners have been designed with ergonomics in mind and the first thing you will notice is the contoured-shape handles that fit perfectly in your hands when you take that first snip. Spring loaded with a shock absorbing cushion which reduces the strain on your hand with each cut you’ll feel how these pruners do the work and not your hands. Solid yet lightweight and made from forged aluminum construction, these pruners make pruning a much more comfortable experience for you, so you aren’t left feeling sore after pruning which you’d normally experience when using pruners with thinner or plain straight handles. One particular model we have has an inclined cutting head that keeps the wrist in a cutting neutral position which is especially useful if you’re going to do extensive pruning.

At Haus & Garten, we recognize the specific needs and demands that you'll need for different pruning jobs. Below is a brief description of each model that are best suited for different needs that include; intensive day-to-day pruning, prolonged heavy use and light detailed precision work; all of which are thoughtfully designed to ensure you'll get the optimal comfort, durability, and performance that will allow you to enjoy pruning just like I do.

ClassicPRO Pruning Shears - The Choice for the Toughest Gardening Challenges, these Pruners are Made for Hard Use, Whilst Still Delivering Smooth, Precise Cutting Action That's Easy on Your HandsMade for medium to large-sized hands, with a cutting capacity of 1 inch and a straight angled head. It is the universal pruner for more general and heavy pruning.

EnduroPRO Pruning Shears - Ergonomically Designed For Optimum ComfortShaped To Neutralize Wrist Bendingwith a vertical inclination keeping the hand and wrist in a neutral position when pruning. This reduces wrist injuries and hand fatigue. The contoured handles are easier to grip and much more comfortable to use. The inclined angled head improves maneuverability, making it easy to use on dense plants.

PrecisionPRO Pruning Shears A Compact Pruning Shears Built For Smaller to Medium Hands! Easy To Use and Lightweight. It has a cutting capacity of up to 0.8 inch and a slightly inclined angled head for reaching into small and tight spaces of plants. It is mostly used for light day-to-day pruning.

With all of the great features and benefits it offers, why would you want to call your gardener to do your pruning? Instead of paying $50/hr for a professional gardener or $400 for a tree pruning service, invest in a really good pair of pruning shears and do it yourself. You’ll be surprised at how easy and enjoyable it can be when done with the right tool.

At Haus & Garten, if you’re not happy with what we promise, there’s a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose, but like so many previous customers, I’m sure you’ll love our Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears.