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What You Need To Know When Pruning Evergreens

Every home landscape needs evergreen bushes and trees. These plants provide color to the zone all year-long especially when deciduous plants lose their leaves in the middle of winter, turning everything dull and gloomy. Although evergreens are attractive even without heavy pruning, they need to be trimmed occasionally. To prune without ruining your evergreen’s appearance, you’ll need to know the basic know-how of how to prune them.

Why You Should Prune Your Evergreens

Pruning is necessary for many reasons, which includes controlling the size, directing growth, maintaining plant health, and keeping the evergreen’s shape. Like most plants, it is essential to remove dead, broken or injured branches to prevent disease from spreading or pests invading the shrub or tree. Minimal or special pruning should be done to yield a denser, thicker evergreen, which will look very pleasing to the eye. However, gardeners or landscapers should be careful not to trim too much or prune at the wrong time because this can significantly affect the plant’s appearance.      

When Should You Prune Your Evergreens

There are four (4) options for when evergreens can be pruned. They can either be pruned when they’re dormant in early spring, when a major growth period starts, when they’re semi-dormant, or in mid-summer. Among these options, it’s best to prune during early spring because new growth can easily fill in the wood that will be removed.

For dead, broken, or diseased wood, they can be pruned at any time of the year.

Preparing for Pruning

Having the right garden clippers and trimmers in good working condition is a necessary step to take before you start. Since evergreen branches vary in sizes, you can use a garden pruner, tree loppers, hedge shears or a pruning saw.

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Pruning Depending on Type

Before starting, it is important to identify the type of evergreen you have in your garden. Generally, evergreens are grouped depending on their branches, whether they’re whorled or branched randomly.

Whorl-branched Evergreens – Pines, firs, and spruces grow whorled branches, forming a circular patter around the growing tip.

Random-branched Evergreens – Evergreens with branches that are non-whorled or grow randomly regrow from old wood. This includes arborvitae, junipers and yews.

To prune successfully, remember to identify what species of evergreen you are planning to prune and prepare the right tools. Make sure your pair of pruning shears or loppers are sharp, easy to handle and reliable for handling different species of evergreens.

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