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The Must-Have Pruning Tools Every Gardener Should Have!

When needing to prune your trees, shrubs, vines or flowers, having the proper pruning tools will help you maintain the health and appearance of your plants, while allowing you to get the job done efficiently. 

With so many pruning tools available on the market today, it's often difficult to know how to choose a tool that's best suited for the pruning task. Just ask any professional gardener and they will tell you that not all tools are created equally, even though they might look the same, its ease of use, features and quality might not be.

Avoiding the wrong pruning tools is the first step that every gardener should take before they start


Haus & Garten Pruning Shears


This one-handed cutting tool is designed to be lighter and easier to hold for you to make precise cuts and reach places that bigger tools can't. If you have dense shrubs, using a pruner will allow you to remove a few small branches so that air and light can reach the center of the plant. This also works well in deadheading and snipping your herbs and flowers. Pruners can cut both green and old wood, from 1/2 inch across to 3/4 inch in diameter. 

Already have a pruner in your garden shed? Find out how to maintain your pruning shears cutting performance and smooth operation by learning how to care for your pruning shears.




Haus & Garten Bypass Pruning Shears


Just like the name itself, the blades of this type of pruner bypass each other, working like scissors. Bypass pruning shears are best used on green wood and live branches. They are great for deadheading your flowers, pruning roses, snipping herbs from your garden, thinning your shrubs or trimming woody perennials.

Using this pruner for dry and dead branches is not a good idea because the stem could get jammed between the blades which bends them and injures the plant.

How to Pick the Right Bypass Pruning Shears

Ideally, look for a pair of pruning shears with a protective coating since these are corrosion resistant, durable and sharp, making pruning effortless and efficient. Aside from the coating, see if you can find a pruner that has the right cutting capacity for your pruning tasks. When it comes to the handles, make sure to find one that fits your hand and is ergonomically designed to make pruning easier in the hand. Make sure to find a bypass pruner that has replacement parts and can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance.

Look for Bypass pruners with the following features:

The Haus & Garten Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears have all of these features in our range of bypass pruners. They're ergonomic, strong and powerful enough to tackle your shrubs, vines and branches while still precise enough to snip rose stems, ornamentals and flowers. 

Anvil Pruning Shears 


This type of pruner works like a knife, where a single cutting blade is pushed through the plant on a flat surface, or the anvil. An anvil pruner can usually trim dead twigs and stems up to 1/2 inch. They work best when pruning dead shoots and branches. Use them to trim your woody shrubs in spring and also dead growth.

A subset of anvil pruners, the ratchet pruner, has a ratcheting mechanism which helps you cut through tough branches with ease. This mechanism multiplies your hand strength, reduces the effort needed to cut through branches. Like the anvil pruners, this type of pruner has a sharp cutting blade and a flat side that holds the object in place. This type of pruner works best for heavy-duty work involving trimming of thicker and difficult branches. 

Using an anvil pruner to trim your live branches can harm your plant because the soft stems can be crushed by the anvil.

How To Pick The Perfect Anvil Pruning Shears

Look for something that is easy to grasp and fits your palm size. Pruners with ergonomic and aluminum body for the handles reduces strain and are comfortable to handle. Make sure to check any additional features that would make it easier for you to cut your plant and to reduce damage even when trimming dead wood.

The perfect anvil pruner should have/be:

Remember that anvil pruners work best for deadwood while bypass pruners work best for live wood. Always remember to consider this when choosing the right pruner for your task.



Hedge Shears


Hedge shears are a great addition to your pruning tools collection. They are designed to cut branches that are 1/4 inch or less in diameter, making it easy for you to shape and prune your hedge or shrubs. Their blades range from 7 to 9 inches long with handles 9 to 15 inches long. Use them when cutting last year's stems from perennials, to encourage a second flush of flowers and trimming ornamental grasses.

If you're planning to shape your large bushes or prune your shrub roses, the long handles and blades will give you enough leverage compared with other gardening shears.

How To Choose The Right Hedge Shears

Consider the weight, size, blades and handles. Pruning is a repetitive task so look for a lighter pair of shears such as those with aluminum and fiberglass handles in order to reduce fatigue. Straight blades are easy to sharpen, while shears with serrations can grip branches and hold them closer to the inner part of the blades. Longer shears give additional leverage but are heavier compared to smaller shears that are made for precise shaping. Look for cushioned handle grips or bumpers that reduce hand fatigue.

For hedge shears, consider the following features:

With these features on your list, you'll surely find the best hedge shears for your garden.



Haus & Garten Bypass Loppers


Don't force yourself to use pruners when cutting branches that are thick and high-up. Often measuring up to 36 inches in length, loppers are designed to tackle larger branches while giving you extended reach. If you're planning to trim back an overgrown shrub or bush, the long handles of the loppers will give you more leverage and allow you to cut with less effort. They also work extremely well for pruning fruit trees and vines.

What Type of Lopper Should You Look For

For bypass loppers, although it's best to choose those that have longer handles for added leverage, remember that the longer they are, the heavier they'll be. Handles made with fiberglass or aluminum are usually the lightest. Ergonomic and non-slip grips add comfort while carbon steel and a coated blade will allow you to cut effortlessly through wood up to 2 inches thick. Look for a type of bypass lopper that will not just give you additional reach but also strength and power to cut even the toughest branches.

Look for these features when looking to buy a lopper:

The Haus & Garten PowerPRO Compound Action Bypass Lopper has all of these features. Its advanced cutting mechanism allows you to have 3x more power when cutting branches along with its long and durable handles for additional reach. These bypass loppers are the perfect addition to any pruning tool set. 

The Haus & Garten collection of pruning tools are made with the highest quality sourced materials, made for professional use and are now available for avid gardeners who appreciate premium quality tools that can tackle any pruning task with ease. The range of PRO series Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears and Compound Action Bypass Loppers will definitely be a good investment for all avid gardeners! 



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The Choice for the Toughest Gardening Challenges, These Pruners are Made for Hard Use, Whilst Still Delivering Smooth, Precise Cutting Action That's Easy on Your Hands.

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Ergonomically Designed For Optimum Comfort And Shaped To Neutralize Wrist Bending, Ideal For Regular And Day-To-Day Pruning.

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Compact Size Pruner Built For Smaller To Medium Hands! Easy To Use, Lightweight, Versatile Pruner Designed For Lighter Pruning Work, A Solid Compact Tool For Faster & More Efficient Pruning.

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Compound Action Bypass Loppers Designed To Provide 3X More Power Than Traditional Ones, Built With Long Handles For Added Leverage, Ideal For Tougher Branches.