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How to Prune Knock Out Roses

Knockout roses are low-maintenance plants that bloom cherry red, yellow, or pink flowers from spring to winter, and in some states with mild climates, they may blossom all year round. They're prolific bloomers, drought-tolerant, and disease-resistant, making them ideal for homeowners and gardeners who have limited experience in rose gardening.

Basic Knockout Rose Care

Like any variety of roses, knockout roses grow better on well-draining soil surrounded by mulch to improve soil quality and provide protection for your plants. When deciding on a location, it's important to remember that knockout roses require at least 6-8 hours of full sun. However, during days with intense heat, some partial shade will suffice.

Fertilizer and regular watering are ideal in keeping the plant healthy, especially during the growing season. Sufficient fertilizer and water will assist with growth, encouraging foliage and blooms.

While knockout roses are hardy and resistant, pests find ways to feast upon this plant. They're also not immune to powdery mildew fungal disease, rose mosaic, rose rosette, and blackspot, so check the leaves and canes regularly for any abnormal signs. Dirty and rusty tools can cause damage to knockout roses, so make sure to follow the ways on how to clean pruning shears and keep them clean before and after each session.

Why and When Should You Prune Knockout Roses

In most cases, pruning and deadheading knockout roses are unnecessary because of their self-cleaning nature and ability to grow independently. However, knockout roses look their best after you prune them in spring. Deadheading, on the other hand, should be done constantly during the growing season. Moreover, remove broken, diseased, or dead parts immediately when you spot them.

Pruning Tools You Will Be Needing

Pruning Knockout roses don't require any specialized tool. A pair of gardening gloves and hardworking bypass pruners like the ClassicPRO is enough to do your task. Made from premium Japanese high-carbon steel, the blades of these pruners are perfect for cutting live plant material. Since pruning can tire your hands after extended hours, our pruners have drop-forged aluminum handle bodies, making them solid yet lightweight and easy to hold. Its anti-slip cushioned handles with shock-absorbing pads also help reduce the chance of repetitive motion injuries and ensure a safe grip. 

For bigger branches that your pruners can't handle, you might opt for a pair of loppers as they will provide you the strength and leverage you need.

Before you proceed, make sure your bypass garden scissors or loppers are clean and sharp, as this will give your plant clean and precise cuts, speeding up the healing process.

PRO TIP: Roses have prickly thorns, which can make pruning painful. To keep yourself safe, wear a great pair of gardening gloves and reliable working clothes such as a jacket to protect your hands and arms.


How To Prune Your Knockout Roses

Before you proceed to your garden, determine your goal. Some options may be to reduce your plant size, maintain a certain height, or remove dead or diseased branches. Setting a goal before starting your task will help you deal with your priorities first and manage your time wisely.

When late winter or early spring comes, check for sprouts or buds emerging from the stems. Once you've noticed that they're about a quarter or half an inch long, it's time for you to start pruning.

Depending on how thick the branches are, use your bypass garden shears or lopper to cut the limbs. Prune older growth, cutting right above the bud or sprout. You may also remove branches that are growing inwards, including canes that cross each other. Prune spent flowers to encourage new growth and more flowers to bloom. Don't forget to remove dead, diseased, and damaged rose branches.

Take note not to prune back no more than 1/3 of the plant, as this may cause stress to the plant or shrub. After each session, make sure to clean up any debris, including the dirt and sap that may have built up on your pruner or lopper.

Are your pruners the proper pruning tool for your knockout roses?

The idea behind the founding of Haus & Garten was its aim to provide premium quality tools for all types of gardeners, whether they're a starter or a pro in the field, to use to meet their specific needs and demands in pruning.

The founder of Haus & Garten, Greg Schultz, developed a series of high-quality garden hand tools, available not only for professional gardeners but also to beginner and home gardeners who would like to prune their knockout rose bushes with ease and comfort.

Long before Haus & Garten came to the industry, Greg was a professional landscape gardener for 28 years, where his experience made him understand what makes a premium pruning tool. Greg believes that "Pruning can be as easy as 1, 2, cut! All you need is the right knowledge and proper tool. And lastly, the confidence to prune your plants."

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"Great product! Made pruning my roses much easier and will no doubt be much better for the health of the bushes as the cuts are very clean," Sue, one of our Amazon customers, says after using the ClassicPRO, one of the premium-grade garden shears Haus & Garten offers.

Quality and ergonomics define the design of Haus & Garten PRO series pruning shears. Features like its contoured-shape handles, shock-absorbing cushion, and forged aluminum body make you prune comfortably, reducing strain on your hand with each cut.

Here at Haus & Garten, we acknowledge the specific needs and demands that each type of gardener will need to make their pruning tasks successful. Below, you'll see a brief overview of each PRO pruning shear, best suited for different needs that include; intensive day-to-day pruning, prolonged heavy use, and light detailed precision work. After years of research and improvement, all of these pruners ensure you'll experience optimal comfort, durability, and excellent performance, allowing you to enjoy pruning just like Greg does.

ClassicPRO - Your choice when it comes to handling tough gardening challenges, these heavy-duty pruners are built for professional and home use. It is the universal pruner for general and heavy pruning, delivering smooth, precise cutting action that's easy on your hands. Made for medium to large-sized hands, this powerful pruner has a cutting capacity of 1 inch and a straight-angled head.

EnduroPRO - Engineered for comfort, this pruner is ergonomically designed and shaped to neutralize wrist bending, making it ideal for long hours of pruning. Its vertical inclined cutting head and unique shape help reduce the risk of wrist and hand injuries, making it ideal for removing tree branches, pruning perennials, shrubs, and fruit trees.

PrecisionPRO - Made for smaller to medium-sized hands, our compact garden shears are your choice for everyday light pruning. It's easy to use, lightweight, with an inclined cutting blade, making it easy to reach inner branches, small, and tight places that require maneuverability, allowing faster and more efficient pruning.

Why would you call a professional gardener to do your pruning when you have a set of high-quality gardening hand tools packed with great features and benefits? Invest in a reliable pair of garden shears or loppers and you'll be surprised at how easy and enjoyable pruning can be!

At Haus & Garten, if you're not satisfied with what we promise, you're covered with our money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose! But like many of our customers, we're sure you'll love our PRO series of gardening tools.



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