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7 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Pruning Apple Trees

Are you making these mistakes?

Mistake #1 Not pruning every year

If you're thinking of skipping this year's pruning season, expect a rich harvest of apples this year but a weaker one on the following year.

Rather than trimming nothing, remove the shoots that are still small and tender or make small cuts.

Mistake #2 Overpruning

If you failed to prune in the past year, be careful not to overprune because this can be stressful to your apple tree.

To avoid this from happening, split the amount of tasks you'll do for this year. Then, continue to prune the rest the following years.

Mistake #3 Not knowing when to prune

Trimming too early in winter can leave your tree unprotected in low temperatures making it susceptible to winter injury.

Late winter or early spring would be an ideal time for pruning. The tree is still dormant during this season and active growth hasn't started yet. Although summer tree trimming can be done, make sure not to severely prune your tree so it does not weaken and lead to a decrease in fruit size or quality.

Mistake #4 Choosing the wrong pruning tools

Fruit trees such apple trees may grow different branches of various sizes and if you're using the same tool for each branch, you're making a mistake.

You need to use different tools to get the job done efficiently without harming the tree's health. Use a good pair of garden shears to cut through small branches that are easy to reach. On the other hand, the long handles of a tree trimmer like the PowerPRO bypass loppers will make it possible for you to trim branches that are bigger and out of reach. These garden tools not only work with apple trees but also shrubs and flowering plants.

Mistake #5 Leaving trees too dense

Having too much shading reduces the amount of sunlight penetrating the interior and lower branches of the tree.

For dense areas, use your garden shears to remove the branches with a thinning cut. Remove branches that are too close to one another, those growing back into the center or any branches that are growing toward the center of the tree.

Mistake #6 Pruning with no aim

Always consider what your goal is. Whether it’s to let your tree grow with little pruning, snipping your apple tree into a specific shape or to fit your tree in a small space by trimming, the decision for this should be done before you proceed with your task or even before you go to your garden or yard.

Mistake #7 Inappropriate cut

The way you cut a shoot or branch will affect the number of branches on your tree. Decide which of the two basic types of cuts you will perform: thinning cuts or heading cuts. Thinning cuts or the complete removal of the shoot or branch at its base will reduce the overall amount of branches on your tree while heading cuts or the removal of part of the shoot or branch will increase the number by encouraging new growth.

Is there anyone who hasn’t struggled with pruning their apple trees?

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“One of the biggest pruning mistakes that gardeners make is settling with pruning tools that don’t perform what they're supposed to,” Greg says. “At first, it might be working well, but after some time, you might just find the blades chipping and rust starting to form and they won’t cut even the smallest branch of their fruit trees or flowering plants. It’s not the same pruner anymore.”

This has given Greg the idea of producing a variety of tools that will make it possible for every type of gardener to prune comfortably for a long time and with confidence, just like a pro!

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So whether you need a garden tool for intensive day-to-day pruning, heavy use or light and detailed precision work, there is a pruner tailored for your needs. If you’re not happy with your purchase, there’s a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose, but like many of our previous customers, I’m sure you’ll love our Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears!



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