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6 Tree Pruning Tips That Will Save You from Calling a Professional

Greg Schultz's pruning tips that will avoid you having to call a professional and bring out the gardener in you.

1) Make pruning cuts on the branch side of the stem collar (lip of tissue that separates branches and stems). This protects the stem and the other branches that might be growing from it. It also allows the tree to heal more effectively.

2) Prune trees during the dormant season in late fall or winter. Prune during the dormant season to minimize sap loss and subsequent stress to the tree. It also minimizes the risk of fungus infection or insect infestation.

3) As a rule of thumb, prune your trees as little as possible. Don't prune more than 25% of the crown and ensure that living branches compose at least 2/3 of the height of the tree.

4) Buy good quality tools and keep them in good condition. This will not only make your pruning job easy but prevent damage to your trees as well. Use hand pruners for smaller branches, typically up to 1 inch in diameter and a lopper or pruning saw for larger size branches.

5) Learn how to choose pruning shears or gardening hand tools. Try to consider important features that are beneficial not only to you but the health of your plants; like a sap groove feature which prevent spread of disease while cutting different types of shrubs and plants. Also importantly a sturdy yet lightweight build pruner with an ergonomic design will help prevent hand fatigue and give you a more comfortable feel and grip while pruning especially with extended use.

6) After pruning your trees, remember to clean your pruning tools before storing. Best if it can be taken apart for cleaning and maintenance as dirt and other residue builds up over time so it’s easier to clean all the parts if you can disassemble your tool.

Haus & Garten owner Greg Schultz says, “Pruning can be as easy as 1-2-snip… All you really need is 1- the right knowledge, 2 - the right tool, and you can start snipping away.” With the Haus & Garten Titanium Series Bypass Pruning Shears range there is a tool for every type of gardener.


Having worked in the landscaping industry for 25 years, Greg is someone who understands some of the hesitations people have when they prune, and why they often resorted to calling him instead for their pruning jobs.

"I have heard many times from customers why they no longer pruned their own garden, Some felt it took a lot of time and effort that didn't leave them with blisters afterwards, others with weaker hands couldn’t find a tool that didn’t require them to exert a considerable amount of force, that wouldn’t further strain or aggravate their hands (especially seniors) but most were just simply fed up with needing to buy another new pruner every time when they needed to do some pruning.”

Despite the varying sentiments from customers, when Greg asked why they felt this way a lot of the reasons came down to one simple thing…their pruning tools.

He would often tell his clients that some of the reasons for them not enjoying pruning like he did, was due to the simple fact that the tools they were using weren’t cut out for the job, most lacked in comfort, quality and features that every professional and gardener needs. Most folks he spoke to just settle for pruners that you can buy from big retailers that either have professional pruners at premium prices or regular pruners as he called it “throw-aways” that aren’t designed for the specific needs of avid and hobby gardeners who spend time in their garden pruning.

As a retired professional landscaper and arborist, Greg wanted to give customers a gardening hand tool that would allow them to enjoy pruning and gardening like he did and still does today. Soon after his retirement from the profession, Haus & Garten was established and from the beginning Greg’s motto was “give our customers a tool so they can enjoy pruning like a pro!...” From Greg’s experience and valuable suggestions from customers, we have focused on common problems and concerns about durability, precision and comfort that are needed by both professionals and avid home gardeners.

We strongly believe our garden shears are some of the finest tools you’ll find on the market today and now, any gardener can have a quality tool that they can rely on for comfort, durability, and performance that will allow them to prune like a pro!

Have you ever experienced having to snap off a branch because the blade simply won’t cut all the way through? Haus & Garten pruning shears use only the highest grade Japanese stainless steel blades that have a special titanium coating that protects the blade from rust and corrosion, allowing them to retain the life of the cutting edge longer than other steel blade types and also reduces friction for easier cutting. With the powerful cutting performance of its razor sharp blade, instead of crushing and tearing branches, you glide through them smoothly and effortlessly like “a hot knife through warm butter.”

One of the major reasons why most people including Greg’s regular clients didn’t enjoy pruning was because they often overlooked ergonomics when they choose the right pruning tool, not realizing that this aspect would have an enormous impact on their comfort. Greg found that a lot of folks with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or weak hands are not able to prune because the tools they’re using only aggravate their hand problems further, especially when using inferior grade heavy steel pruners that require a lot of effort to use.

Haus & Garten pruners have been designed with ergonomics in mind and the first thing you will notice is the contoured-shape handles that fit perfectly in your hands when you take that first snip. Spring loaded with a shock absorbing cushion which reduces the strain on your hand with each cut you’ll feel how these pruners do the work and not your hands. Solid yet lightweight and made from forged aluminum construction, these pruners make pruning a much more comfortable experience for you, so you aren’t left feeling sore after you’ve finished your gardening activities which you’d normally experience when using pruners with thinner or plain straight handles. One particular model we have has an inclined cutting head that keeps the wrist in a cutting neutral position which is especially useful if you’re going to do extensive pruning.

At Haus & Garten we recognize the specific needs and demands that you'll need for different pruning jobs, below is a brief description of each model that are best suited for different needs that include; intensive day-to-day pruning, prolonged heavy use and light detailed precision work; all of which are thoughtfully designed to ensure you'll get the optimal comfort, durability, and performance that will allow you to enjoy pruning just like Greg.

ClassicPRO - The Choice for the Toughest Gardening Challenges, these Pruners are Made for Hard Use, Whilst Still Delivering Smooth, Precise Cutting Action That's Easy on Your Hands. Made for medium to large-sized hands, with a cutting capacity of 1 inch and a straight angled head. It is the universal gardening shears for more general and heavy pruning.

EnduroPRO - Ergonomically Designed For Optimum Comfort, Shaped To Neutralize Wrist Bending, with a vertical inclination which means that the hand and wrist are in neutral position when pruning. This reduces wrist injuries and hand fatigue. The contoured handles of this hand pruner are easier to grip and much more comfortable to use. The inclined angled head improves maneuverability, making it easy to use for dense plants.

PrecisionPRO - Compact Garden Shears Built For Smaller to Medium Hands! Easy To Use and Lightweight. It has a cutting capacity of up to 0.8 inch and a slightly inclined angled head for reaching into small and tight spaces of plants. It is mostly used for light day-to-day activities.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll appreciate simple yet important features a high quality tool can provide you with especially when they relate to usability, comfort or the health of my plants. Having worked in the industry we have designed tools with features that a avid gardener or the professional will find handy, all which are standard features on every Titanium series Haus & Garten pruner models.

With all of the great features and benefits it offers, why would you want to call your gardener to do your pruning? Instead of paying $50/hr for a professional gardener or $400 for a tree pruning service, invest in a really good pair of pruning shears and do it yourself. You’ll be surprised at how easy and enjoyable it can be when done with the right tool.

At Haus & Garten, if you’re not happy with what we promise you, there’s a money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose, but like so many previous customers I’m sure you’ll love our Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears.



$49.95 $54.90

The Choice for the Toughest Gardening Challenges, These Pruners are Made for Hard Use, Whilst Still Delivering Smooth, Precise Cutting Action That's Easy on Your Hands.

$49.95 $54.40

Ergonomically Designed For Optimum Comfort And Shaped To Neutralize Wrist Bending, Ideal For Regular And Day-To-Day Pruning.

$49.95 $56.67

Compact Size Pruner Built For Smaller To Medium Hands! Easy To Use, Lightweight, Versatile Pruner Designed For Lighter Pruning Work, A Solid Compact Tool For Faster & More Efficient Pruning.

$54.95 $59.95

Compound Action Bypass Loppers Designed To Provide 3X More Power Than Traditional Ones, Built With Long Handles For Added Leverage, Ideal For Tougher Branches.