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6 Must-Know Steps When Pruning With Loppers


1. Know when to prune

 Most plants should be pruned at the beginning of autumn or end of winter since healthy growth and flowers usually bloom in spring or summer.

2. Choose the right loppers

In terms of variation, loppers fall into two types: the bypass and anvil.

Bypass loppers have a single-edged blade that slices past a thick base as it closes, designed for live wood. Although bypass loppers don't cut larger diameters of wood, their clean and precise cut create less damage and stress to the plant, helping improve the overall appearance of your shrubs or bushes.

The blade in a set of anvil loppers slices in the center of the anvil or the fat lower base at the end of the cut, like a knife cutting through a board. Although anvil loppers can handle larger diameter cuts, they also tend to crush soft plant material which makes them ideal mostly for deadwood.

Most gardeners prefer using bypass loppers like our very own PowerPRO tree pruner because they are perfect not only for trimming their trees, but also shaping their bushes, or removing dying or diseased materials without damaging the plant too much.

3. When cutting, insert the branch properly between the blades

To create the cleanest cut possible, completely open the loppers and place the branch or stem deep between the blades before proceeding with the cut.

4. Cut in one clean bite

Snipping wood with scissors may be tempting to do but it is a weak cutting method that will tire your hands quickly and eventually dull the blades. To make one swift cut with your loppers, make sure that your loppers have razor-sharp blades. If you’re looking for a premium lopper with high-quality blades, our loppers use a high-carbon SK-5 steel blade, one of the finest ones you'll find on the market and designed to have a balanced sharpness and hardness for durability.

5. Sharpen your loppers

After a period of use, sharpen the blades of your lopper. Focus on the cutting edge, repeatedly filing in a direction moving away from your body until the blade is sharp enough.

6. Clean the blades to prevent the spread of disease

Learning how to care for your loppers will help prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria on its parts. To do this, clean your loppers after every use to get rid of sap and dust accumulation. Before storing your loppers, dry them well with a clean cloth and lubricate the pivotal parts with oil to prevent rust formation.


Is there a gardener who hasn't struggled with pruning their bushes and fruit trees?

The reason behind Haus & Garten was to provide premium quality tools that would meet the specific needs and demands of professional and avid gardeners for different pruning tasks. Most people shy away from pruning for many reasons but when they have the right tools, it becomes much more enjoyable and easier to get those pruning tasks done that you would normally call a professional gardener for.

Greg Schultz, founder of Haus & Garten has developed a range of professional pruning tools that he believes will replace your current pruners.

Haus & Garten brings premium grade pruning tools that professional gardeners use daily, which are now available to avid and hobby gardeners. Whereas other companies are continuously adding new products, we keep refining ours.

While other pruning tool companies sell the idea of "premium quality" tools, Haus & Garten is a company that makes “premium quality tools". And it's not just us saying this.

Joseph, a recent customer, expressed his satisfaction with our loppers, "PowerPRO compound action loppers are high quality and make it very easy to trim branches using little effort. They are very well made... The blades are Teflon coated and very sharp. Great Product!"


Our founder, Greg Schultz, created our PRO series pruning tools. As a professional landscape gardener for 28 years, Greg understands what makes a premium pruning tool. Greg's mantra is: “Pruning can be as easy as 1-2-snip… All you really need is 1- the right knowledge, 2 - the right tool, and you can start snipping away to a great garden.”

“The biggest pruning mistake that people make is using the wrong tool that isn't cut out for the job," says Greg. “At first, it might be OK, but if your tool doesn't produce precise clean cuts every time, it might actually be causing stress and damage to your plant and affect how they grow. But with the right hand tools, you should be able to make good quality cuts without potentially damaging your plants and causing injuries to you."

Long before Greg founded the mentioned company, he had a very successful business—as as a professional landscape gardener.

Greg began his career as a landscape gardener in Nevada in the early ’90s, working for many regular clients in Clark city. It was working on many different type of gardens where he began to understand the needs and the demands that gardeners required of their tools - which subsequently became the motivation for Haus & Garten and the PRO series line of pruning tools in 2010.

After nearly 30 years working as a landscape gardener, Greg wanted a pruning tool he would actually use in his business and a tool his clients would also use themselves.

As a landscape gardener, he wanted to create a range of gardening hand tools that would be one of the finest tools you’ll find on the market. A quality tool that you could rely on for comfort, durability, and performance that would allow avid and hobby gardeners to prune like a pro! 



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Compound Action Bypass Loppers Designed To Provide 3X More Power Than Traditional Ones, Built With Long Handles For Added Leverage, Ideal For Tougher Branches.