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5 Lopper Maintenance Tips for Home Gardeners


Most plants are pruned during late winter or early spring. During these seasons, your pruning tools are working diligently to help you cut through your roses, evergreens and shrubs with ease.

It doesn't matter whether you've got a backyard garden or a commercial farm, the care and attention you give after every use can add to the lifespan of your gardening tools and cut future costs that broken tools may bring.

One of the many reliable tools you've probably invested in are your garden loppers. With proper care and maintenance after every use, you'll be able to use them for a long time.

Check out our list of tips below to find out how to take care of your loppers and use them for many seasons to come.

1. Clean your loppers after each use.

After using your loppers, use soap and water to clean the parts, especially the blades. Start by scrubbing off dirt and any residue, followed by wiping it with a damp cloth. When pruning different shrubs or trees, make sure to sterilize your tools in between cuts or plants to prevent transfer of disease from one plant to another.

If you're pruning plants that release too much sap after making a cut, our tree trimmer have a convenient non-stick Teflon coating that not only protects the blades from rust and corrosion, cleaning is easier as it prevents sap and debris build-up.

2. Dry your loppers before storage.

Dry your loppers using a clean cloth before storing them in your garden kit or tool box to prevent moisture that may result in rusting.

3. Lubricate.

Using mineral oil, grease, WD40 or a multipurpose type lubrication oil, wipe the joints, bolts, and blades. Lubrication of the loppers’ vital parts will help maintain its smooth cutting performance and reduce the resistance you’ll experience when pruning. 

4. Sharpen your loppers.

Loppers should be sharpened after a period of extended use. To sharpen the blades, focus on the cutting edge. Using your preferred sharpening tool, start filing in a direction, moving away from your body. Repeat this while maintaining a steady angle until you reach the blade is sharp enough.

5. Invest in high-quality loppers.

Heavy pruning can take a toll on your loppers. Investing in a good pair of loppers that is designed for heavy-duty pruning right decision you can make when you want your loppers to last long.

We suggest looking for a premium lopper like ours which not only has excellent cutting power but is also made from materials that will surely last for a long period even after used for heavy-duty pruning. Since the blade is the most important part, our loppers have been furnished with high carbon SK-5 steel, making it unlikely to break or bend during or after use. To channel sap off, we also added a non-stick Teflon coating, which also protects the blades from rust and corrosion. Our 29-inch powder coated oval tubular loppers are also made to be comfortable in the hand for long hours of use.

We designed our PowerPRO lopper to match your pruning needs and one of our customers, David, even said, "These are heavy duty loppers, well-made, and extremely sharp. They have performed well so far and the cutting power is excellent."

Haus & Garten has a collection of pruning tools that you can rely on for comfort, durability, and performance. This includes our Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears series and PowerPRO compound action loppers. Our collection of premium grade pruning tools are made available for every gardener so that you can prune like a pro for a very long time!


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