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4 Things You Need To Know When Pruning Grape Vines

Pruning a grape vine is a vital step, essential for proper fruit formation and producing quality harvest. There are some gardeners who hesitate from growing grape vines because of the pruning they need.

The process may appear to be difficult, especially for inexperienced gardeners, but with sufficient knowledge and understanding, you can learn how to trim your vines to keep them under control and boost their health.

We've gathered some of the must-knows when it comes to pruning grape vines. Keep these in mind and you can go back to relaxing and patiently waiting for harvest season. 

1. Know when to prune your grapevine

It is best to trim when the grapevine is dormant, usually in late winter. Ideally, this can be done between February and March, while in some areas, during December to January. If you live in an area with mild weather, you can start pruning your vines as soon as the leaves have fallen off.

Ensure that your grape vines are fully dormant so that you don't risk hurting your vines' health.

2. Know what tool to use
If the canes are more than 2 inch in diameter, using a pair of loppers will do the trick. For smaller canes, a tree pruner can make clean cuts. Thicker vines can be trimmed off by a hand saw.

3. Know which part of prune

Do not hesitate to remove as much of the old wood vines as possible, at least 80 to 95 percent, followed by the stems that grow from the lower part of the vine trunk. Afterwards, cut the shoots that have grown during the previous year, leaving at least 3 buds per shoot since these will be bearing grapes.

Remember to prune every year, removing old wood and allowing new shoots to grow longer.

4. Know what type of pruning to do

There are two basic types of pruning: cane and spur pruning.

Cane pruning is done by removing the shoots at the lower part of the trunk along with all the cane growth except the newly fruiting ones. Right after this, prune the new canes so they would become either mature canes or grow shoots for next year's fruiting canes.

On the other hand, spur pruning is done by cutting back new canes or the short and stubby ones that contain two buds. This permits new growth to develop from the spur which will later grow into fruiting canes.

Pruning grape vines, pruning apple trees or any fruit-bearing trees need to be done every year to remove neglected and non-productive vines and for new vines to take over. This encourages production of high quality grapes, prevents diseases and overall good health. You'll only need a few tools to keep your grapes in shape for the following growing season so make sure to invest only in the best ones in the market.

The whole idea behind Haus & Garten’s range of pruning tools is to help gardeners prune with confidence even when tackling vines and branches that seem difficult to trim.

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