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10 Secrets to Successful Rose Gardening


1. Roses grow best when planted under direct sunlight.

Roses like full sun, so place them on a site where they get at least six (6) hours of sunlight daily. In hot climates, roses should be under partial shade to protect them from the hot afternoon sun, whereas in winter, allow roses to go dormant when the ground freezes.

2. Start by planting your roses in soil that allows drainage.

Plant your roses in well-drained soil, enriched with organic matter such as compost or farmyard manure. Roses also prefer growing in a soil with a pH level between 6 and 6.5. If your soil is too acidic or too alkaline, you can always raise or lower your soil’s pH by using a modifier.

3. Water your roses regularly.

After planting your roses, water them thoroughly, especially when you notice them starting to dry out. Continue watering your roses for the first few weeks while also adding a 2-3-inch layer of organic mulch around your roses. This holds moisture, reduces foliage diseases, and prevents weed growth.

4. Pests and diseases should be taken care of immediately.

When you notice the first signs of black spot, powdery mildew, or any type of plant disease, make sure to treat it right away by removing diseased foliage or even by burning it. To prevent the spread of disease to another plant, make sure that your roses aren’t grown too close and receive plenty of sunlight with a steady supply of moisture.

If you find masses of tiny insects on your roses such as aphids or even big bugs, spray them off with a strong stream of water, pick them by hand or use garden insecticide for larger infestations.

5. Pruning your roses keeps them healthy and blooming.

Pruning your roses when necessary will promote growth and help prevent disease. To prune, use a good pair of bypass pruners such as our ClassicPRO pruning shears to remove any dead or damaged branches, stems that rub against one another, or canes that are too thin.

6. Deadhead your roses.

Although rose blooms often drop on their own, deadheading rose bushes helps prevent disease and further encourage more blooms. To deadhead your roses, snip spent or faded blooms back to the nearest leaf.


7. Apply fertilizer.

Roses require fertilizer applications to increase flowering and achieve big-sized roses throughout the growing season. When using chemical fertilizers, application should be done every week. For organic fertilizers such as compost or rotted manure, application is done every 15 days to help roses get the additional nutrients they need to produce good flowering.

8. Mix in egg shells into your soil.

Egg shells are known to contain calcium so mixing crushed egg shells into your soil or sprinkling them on the top layer of the soil will strengthen the tissue of a rose and will yield healthier blooms.

9. Add coffee grounds.

Sprinkling coffee grounds on the base of the rose helps in keeping a well-draining soil and right soil acidity. Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, an important nutrient to keep roses healthy and stimulates new leaf or stem growth. It also contains other essential minerals such as phosphorus, potassium and copper, all vital nutrients that are valuable to your roses. Just remember not to add too much coffee grounds.

10. Take Care of the Roots

Plants take in oxygen, water and nutrients from its roots so do your best to handle them with care. If you're cultivating soil around your roses, be sure not to cut or damage any of its roots.

Keep in mind: If you take care of your roses, you’ll find healthy roses blooming in your garden throughout the seasonYou don't need to hire a professional, your roses will bloom their best next season!


Has pruning rose bushes always been difficult for you?

The reason behind Haus & Garten was to provide premium quality tools that would meet the specific needs and demands of professional and avid gardeners for different pruning jobs. Most people hesitate from pruning their rose bushes for many reasons but having the right tools for pruning makes it much more enjoyable and easier to get done even without calling a professional to help you.

Greg Schultz, founder of Haus & Garten, has developed a range of premium quality tools that not only professional gardeners can use, but are also available to avid and hobby gardeners who hope to prune their rose bushes with ease.

As a professional landscape gardener for 28 years, Greg understands what makes a premium pruning tool. Greg's mantra is: “Pruning can be as easy as 1-2-snip… All you really need is 1- the right knowledge, 2 - the right tool, and you can start snipping away to a great garden.”

Long before Greg founded Haus & Garten, he had a very successful business—as a professional landscape gardener.

For the past 30 years, Greg's experience with working for many clients has made him understand the needs and demands that gardeners required of their tools especially when working on different types of gardens. This has been his motivation for Haus & Garten and the PRO series line of pruning tools which he established in 2010.

Greg's goal to make a range of high-quality pruning tools that gardeners could rely on when it comes to quality and performance, and this has been proven by many of his customers like Sue Adams, who shared how she was able to prune her roses with sheer ease using our ClassicPRO bypass garden shears. She said,

"Made pruning my roses much easier and will no doubt be much better for the health of the bushes as the cuts are very clean. Spend a little more on the shears because they are certainly worth it."

At Haus & Garten, we carefully consider the different pruning tasks gardeners have to face during the season. When pruning rose bushes, you'll need a pruning tool you can rely on to do the task for you. This is why Haus & Garten has created the PRO series line of pruning tools! We aim to help gardeners achieve a season full of blooms through pruning. 

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