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6 Must-Know Steps When Pruning With Loppers

6 Must-Know Steps When Pruning With Loppers

1. Know When to Prune

Timing is everything! Aim for late autumn or the end of winter when most plants are gearing up for a healthy growth spurt and blooming in the upcoming spring or summer.

2. Choose the right loppers

Loppers fall into two main types: bypass and anvil.

Bypass loppers, with their single-edged blades, are perfect for live wood, delivering clean and precise cuts without causing too much stress to your plants.

Anvil loppers, on the other hand, can handle larger diameters but are best suited for deadwood due to their tendency to crush soft plant material.

Most gardeners prefer bypass loppers like our PowerPRO tree pruner for their versatility in trimming, shaping bushes, and removing dying materials without wreaking havoc on the plant

3. Insert the Branch Properly

For the cleanest cut, open the loppers wide and place the branch or stem deep between the blades before making the cut.

4. Cut in one clean bite

Resist the urge to snip like scissors—it's a weak cutting method that'll tire you out quickly and dull the blades. Opt for one swift cut with razor-sharp blades. Our loppers boast high-carbon SK-5 steel blades, among the best on the market, offering balanced sharpness and hardness for lasting durability.

5. Sharpen Those Blades

After a period of use, focus on the cutting edge, filing away from your body until the blade is sharp enough to tackle the next pruning session

6. Clean to Prevent Disease

Learning how to care for your loppers will help prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria between your plants. After every use, clean them to rid them of sap and dust buildup. Before storing, dry them with a clean cloth, and give the blades a dose of oil to prevent rust from creeping in.

And there you have it—your roadmap to mastering the art of lopper pruning. Happy cutting!