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Pruning Essentials: What Every Gardener Needs When Pruning

Pruning is essential when gardening because not only does it make your plants look great - it's also a necessity to keep them healthy. In order to get the task done, you need to have the gardening tools that work best for you.

Finding the right gardening hand tools that work best for you and your plants is not an easy task. The increasing availability of pruning shears on the market means that gardeners can have a hard time choosing one that is most suitable to get the task done. Though most pruners have the same outer features - their quality, durability and user-friendliness differ.

So, the primary step in trimming those greens is to find the best pruning tools.

What Tools Do You Need When Pruning?


Pruners are designed and made to be light and easy to grip – helping the user make refined and accurate cuts. Because of its size, it can also help you cut in tight and small spaces where bigger tools can't reach. Pruners can help maintain dense shrubs with cutting a fragment of branches, so light and air can pass through and reach the inner parts of plants.


The main factor to consider when choosing the right pruner is making sure it has the right cutting capacity for your tasks. Take note on what a specific pruner can do and to what extent in order to avoid damaging your plants.

Bypass Pruners (Best for Live Wood)

Bypass pruners have blades that work just like scissors. They are commonly used on live branches because using them on damaged or dead ones can damage the plant by jamming the branches between its blades.

These pruners are great for working with green wood and trimming flowers, herbs and shrubs.

Features to look for when choosing your bypass pruner:

The PRO series bypass pruning shears offered by Haus & Garten integrate the following features in their garden shears. Their range of garden scissors are ergonomically-designed to help you deal with overgrown shrubs or trim your vines and fruit trees to keep them in shape.


Anvil Pruners (Best for Dead Wood)

Anvil Pruners, on the other hand, works as a knife with a board. One side is a cutting blade while the other end is the anvil. These pruners work best with dead wood that are up to half an inch because using these pruners to trim active branches can injure the plant as the anvil has a tendency to crush soft stems.

Features to look for when choosing your anvil pruner:

Take note that when you are planning to work on dead wood, anvil pruners are what you are looking for. Bypass pruners, on the other hand, are best for working with live and active wood. Always take this into consideration when picking the right pruners for your tasks.


These tools come in when pruners can no longer do the job. Loppers are intended to cut larger and thicker branches. Since the handles are longer, it can give you a longer reach and help you prune your plants with less effort.

One of the lopper’s features that gardeners look for is its handles. Its long handles can give access to parts of the plants that pruners cannot reach. But on a side note, the longer the handles are, the heavier it will be. So, if you are particular with the weight of your pruning tools, you have may to go easy on choosing the loppers that have the longest handles.

Features to look for when choosing your loppers:

When purchasing your loppers, make sure to get one that can not only give you a longer reach but also competent enough to cut tough and stubborn branches, just like the PowerPRO Compound Action Bypass Loppers. Its compound action mechanism is complemented by its 29-inch long oval tubular handles, the strong combination you need when tackling thicker branches that your hand pruners cannot handle.


Hedge shears are commonly used for shrubs but can also be used to cut branches and stems that are ¼ inch or less in diameter. This tool is also widely known for shaping shrubs. If you are planning on hitting two birds with one stone, this tool is best for pruning and shaping your greens. When choosing these shears, you must think about its weight, handles and size blades. Having lighter pairs of gardening shears can provide more comfort and make pruning a lot easier – like those with fiberglass and aluminum handles. Non-slip grips can also help lessen hand fatigue when pruning.



Features to look for when choosing your hedge shears:

Just like loppers, longer hedge shears allow more leverage but it is also heavier than those with shorter handles which are made for delicate and accurate shaping.

You need anvil or bypass pruners, loppers or hedge shears depending on your cutting task and the type of plants you are planning to prune. You also need to make sure your pruning tools are safe and comfortable to use whatever existing conditions you have.  

At Haus & Garten, we carefully consider the needs and demands of our beginner and professional gardeners in order to provide premium-quality gardening hand tools that offer ergonomics, performance and durability.

Haus & Garten ClassicPRO Titanium Garden Shears are made of high-quality Japanese grade stainless steel which makes these pruners more durable than other traditional hand pruners. Its micrometric adjustable system allows manual adjustment of the cutting blade for cleaner and more accurate cuts. Also, to make pruning a lot easier and comfortable, these pruners are ergonomically engineered to provide for comfort and support when pruning.

In addition to this brand’s pruners, the Haus & Garten PowerPRO Bypass Loppers is also a great addition to any pruning tools set, especially when you have plants that require more leverage. These loppers are also made from high quality SK-5 Japanese steel that's more durable and stays sharp longer. With its compound action mechanism, it can multiply the cutting force to up to 3x. All of these means it can reduce hand fatigue and overall effort when pruning.

Pruning is never an easy task – and much harder when you are not using the right tools. Not only will you waste time, effort and money, but you can also risk on injuring and damaging your plants. Choosing the right pruning tools are essential in any pruning task so make sure to choose the ones that work best for you and your plants.



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