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Mission & Core Values

Our mission at Haus & Garten is to provide premium products that offer ergonomics, performance and durability for both professional and home use.
Haus & Garten’s core values define who we are as an organization. They are embedded in our processes and guide us on how we treat our customers, employees, suppliers, and business partners.

In order to achieve this goal we have outlined our core values that help define Haus & Garten and our team members.

  • INTEGRITY - We stand for what we believe is right and ethical in all our dealings. We promote honesty, humility, and consistency in doing our business. We follow through on our promises and encourage an environment of trust.  

  • COMMITMENT - We are dedicated to providing the best product and service to our customers. Our people are passionate about responding to customer demands and exceeding their expectations. 

  • INNOVATION - We are in constant search for new ideas, technologies, and more efficient methods of doing things. We continue to find ways to improve our product and adapt to customer needs.