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Deadhead Your Roses: How To Easily Deadhead Your Rose Bushes

Dead-heading is the process of removing old dried flowers in order to keep your roses bushes looking tidy and attractive.

It also tricks the rose bush to focus its energy on producing new roses rather than spending its resources on dying roses or developing seeds. Deadheading not only encourages new blooms but also keeps your rose bushes healthy and free of diseases.

Here are some steps that would make your deadheading easier and more effective.

1. Prepare your tools.

The best tools yield the best results. Make sure you have a good pair of garden scissors that can give you precise cuts such as the PrecisionPRO bypass pruning shears and gardening gloves to protect your hands from prickly rose thorns.

2. Identify which parts to deadhead.

Choosing which areas to deadhead can be a little tricky at first but once you get used to it, it will be an easy step. Look for spent roses, blooms that may cross paths or intertwine and rose shoots that grow inwards.

3. Locate the leaf-set with five or more leaves

4. Locate the bud eye or the swollen area.

This is where a new shoot will form which is usually just above the joint of the leaf-set and the shoot. From here, you can make your cut about ¼ inch (6 mm) above the bud eye.

5. Position your pruners at a 45 degree angle and then make your cut.

Angled cuts allow water to run off the cut site, preventing bacteria or fungi growth.

6. Place some white glue on the freshly cut shoot to seal and reduce the risk of disease getting in.

7. Clean your garden tool.

Once you're done, make sure to adequately clean your pruning shears or any other tools that you used in deadheading. This applies when not only when performing rose pruning, but with any other plants too. Doing this will prevent disease and bacteria from being transferred from plant to plant.


While deadheading rose bushes makes it look visually appealing, it is also vital for the health of the plant. By removing the spent blossoms, the plant reroutes its nutrients and energy into the right places and produces more blooms. Not only does it make the rose bush look better, this process will also remove potential hiding places for insects and pests and reduce chances of getting fungal diseases. Most importantly, this allows you to enjoy your roses and spend therapeutic time in tending them in many ways.  



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