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8 Steps To Pruning Your Roses For More Blooms This Summer

The change in seasons will also bring change to your gardening routine, especially if you want to keep your roses blooming all summer long.        

Rose bushes are definitely the eye-pleasers you want to keep in your garden. When it comes to pruning them this summer, it can take time to master the art of trimming, especially if you find it hard to cut for attractive growth.

Fortunately, rose bushes can be pruned easily. Once you've learned the proper way to trim these flowers, you can expect your garden to be filled with blooms.

Read on for the eight steps to pruning your roses for a blooming garden.


1. Find a pruning schedule that fits your gardening routine.

    Plan ahead and set a day that concurs with your schedule for watering roses. Watering your roses should be done at least two to three times a week, lightly pouring water as you notice the topsoil drying out. Make sure to water your roses in the morning to reduce the heat stress on your roses once you start trimming.

    2. Prepare your pruning tools.

      Before starting, make sure you have everything you need for your gardening activities. This includes your bypass pruning shears, gardening gloves and protecting yourself by wearing a long-sleeved shirt or working jeans. You may want to have sanitizing solution for your pruning shears to keep them clean in between sessions.

      3. Sanitize your tool.

      Before and after you snip each rose shrub in your garden, disinfect your pruners to prevent the transmission of disease from one plant to another.

      4. Start cutting dead blooms.

      Inspect your rose bush for dead and spent blooms. Using your pruning shears, make a 45-degree angle cut just about 1/4 inch above where a bud is facing away from the plant to allow water to run off instead of staying in the cut, as this might build moisture and give harmful bacteria room for growth.

      5. Trim any dead or woody remains of flowering canes.

      Continue your pruning tasks in removing any dead, dying or diseased branches, including twiggy canes that are thinner than a pencil, by making the same 45-degree angle cut on each branch.

      6. Cut off sucker growth.

      Locate a branch that appears from below the bud union on the rose bush. These are called suckers, as these non-flowering stems grow vigorously, drawing energy away from flowering canes. Cutting off the sucker growth may appear to be challenging, so invest in a compact pair of pruning shears that can be adjusted to make precise snips such as the PrecisionPRO garden scissors.

      7. Reduce the size of your rose bush.

      Trimming off the top one-third of your rose bush will improve its shape and allow light and air circulation to enter the center of the plant. You may also choose to remove tall branches by cutting them at the same angle.

      8. Seal the pruned parts.

      In order to seal the wounded part and prevent fungi, insects and bacteria from harboring the plant, seal any major cuts with a wound sealer or glue. Make sure to apply using a small paintbrush or your gloved/clean finger. Keeping your plant free from disease also includes cleaning your work area and disposing of your clippings and litter.

      Among the variety of pruning tools available on the market, bypass garden shears work best when pruning your rose bushes this summer. These shears work like scissors, making a clean cut with its blades passing by each other.

      Whether you're planning to prune this summer or by late winter, the Haus & Garten PRO pruning shears will by a good investment for your garden. Our pruners are ergonomically-engineered to let you enjoy pruning with comfort and ease. These premium-grade pruners are equipped with useful features and the blade itself is designed to give razor-sharp cutting action when pruning branches of up to one inch.

      Save time, effort and money choosing the right pruning tools that work best for you and your roses, and ensure a summer full of blooms!



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